Haleakala Sunrise, Hawaii.

Right as we moved to Maui in the end of December we talked about how we have to make a trip up to Haleakala. Early Hawaiians called the mountain a house of the sun, which is where the name for this volcano came from. Josh has told me about the incredible starry nights up there and amazing sunrises so many times. But once you live in a place and know you can go whenever you want, it's easy to keep postponing. And so did we. A couple mornings Josh tried to get me up at 4.30am and I always said we would do it some other time because I was simply too sleepy. But of course, there would never be 4.30am with me not being sleepy.
Once we figured we would be leaving Hawaii for some quite time and going back to Czech, we finally took our last chance to drive up to the highest peak in the dark, watching other lights of the cars going up through these neverending turns, and marveling at the stars in the darkness. It was magical even through a car window. Once we got up there we walked around the mountain to get a nice view and waited in the silence and the cold. It's interesting that even though there was a lot of tourists, darkness makes people quiet, and we waited for the sun to rise almost in silence. And then it slowly appeared above the peaks and starting filling up the valley with golden light, casting incredible shadows of the mountains, and it was one of those moments that make getting out of your comfort zone so worth it, and you are glad you are alive and here to experience it. I want more of those, please ! 
Most of the tourist leave right after, but luckily I am married to a guy who likes to take it all in and makes me stay even though it was freezing. The place that was all black when we arrived suddenly showed us all its beauty... Driving down I got over my frustration of Josh letting me freeze for so long and warming my toes up with my hands I felt like flying as we drove above the clouds. The valley quickly filled with the morning light and we came home, and I reminded myself to be up for these things more often.

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