M & J & N /family in home session./

It's the everyday little moments that make our lives.
My sister and her husband have always reminded me to enjoy the little things, and I love being around them and seeing them learn to put those words into action. 
I have been wanting to do an in home session for a long time now, but people, especially in Czech, get so uncertain when it comes to letting someone into their world, into their home. So I convinced my sister to do one in their home. Hopefully these photographs will show just how unique and precious this type of a session is, especially for families. Your home is where the story unfolds, where you create your little own world, where you feel safe, you come here to be yourself, to be loved and to love, to hold and be held. It is so beautiful ! And I feel so privileged to enter your world for a little part of it and capture these memories of who you are.  

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